22nd AIIMS Microneurosurgery Workshop

12th-15th February 2020

Venue: Conference Hall, AIIMS

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MNSW Programme

Scientific Program of 22nd AIIMS Microneurosurgery
‘Live Operative Workshop’ -13-15th February 2020
Venue- Conference Hall, First Floor near JL Auditorium



Event/Topic and Presenter

13th Feb





Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion- Dr Prashant



Bony Hard Craniopharyngioma resection – Dr Meher Thej



Image guided biopsy of deep seated lesions – Dr Nivedita



Cranioplasty technique – Dr Revanth



STA- MCA bypass- Dr Hitesh Inderjeet Singh



Transcortical excision of colloid cyst- Dr Shaurya


8.30 to 8.35

MTS surgery- Dr Mohit


8.35 to 8.45

Endoscopic excision of Pituitary tumor- Dr Santanu Bora


8.45 to 9.00

Questions and Answers


9.00 to 9.30

Inaugural function

Chief Guest – Prof. Randeep Guleria, Guest of Honor- Prof. M.V.Padma

Welcome address – Prof. S.S.Kale

Address by Prof. M.V.Padma

Address by Prof. Randeep Guleria

Vote of Thanks by Dr Vivek Tandon


9.30 to 10.00

Case Discussion of OT cases


10.00 to 10.10

Management of Intraoperative rupture of aneurysms- Dr P.S.Chandra


10.10 to 10.20

Kawase’s approach for skull base tumors- Dr. Ashish Suri


10.20 to 10.30

Pre temporal approach for craniopharyngioma- Dr Manmohan Singh


10.30 to 16.00

Live surgery from operation room–Interspersed with short talks in between cases by –

·         Dr Arun Srivastava- Gravity Assisted tumor resection

·         Dr Gopal Sedain-- Neurosurgery in Nepal- Challenges involved

·         Dr Chinmay Dash- Aneurysm Clipping- Early experience

·         Dr Anutosh- Carotid Endarterectomy- Early Experience

·         Dr Satyashiv Munjal Anterior C1-C2 fixation a useful technique to tackle CVJ anomaly

·         Dr Awdesh Jaiswal- Endoscopic approach to orbit






16.00 to 17.00

Sarveshwari Oration

Introduction of Oration- Prof. S.S.Kale

Introduction of Orator- Prof. Ashish Suri

Oration By Prof Fred Gentili on “The Evolution of Skull Base Surgery: from Open to Endoscopic techniques- Lessons Learned over

a 35 year career”

Vote of Thanks – Prof. Manmohan Singh


17.30 to 18.30


14th Feb





Posterior approach for Brachial Plexus injury- Dr Dipanshu Narula



Use of Intraoperative ultrasound and MRI in glioma surgery- Dr Arvinder



Transulcal Excision of low-grade glioma in eloquent area- Dr Nivedita



Surgery of Spinal dural AVF using ICG dye – Dr Divyajyoti



Craniopharyngioma excision– Dr Nitish



How to Do V.P.Shunt? Dr Ravi Sharma


8.30 to 8.40

Question and Answers


8.40 to 9.10

Case Discussions of OT cases


9.10 to 9.20

Keyhole and neuroendoscopic approaches – Dr SumitSinha



Intramedullary tumor excision- Dr V.P.Singh


9.30 to 9.50

Glamour in Neurosurgery – Dr. B.S.Sharma


9.50 to 10.00

Question and Answers


10.00 to 11 am

Prof. A.K.Banerji Oration

Introduction of Oration- Prof. S.S.Kale

Introduction of Orator- Dr.Shashwat Mishra

Oration by Prof Ali Krisht on “The Complexity and Simplicity of Unlocking the Cavernous Sinus”

Vote of Thanks –Dr Ashish Suri


11 am to 4 pm

Live surgery from operation theatre- Interspersed with short talks in between cases by –

·         Dr. Amit Thapa-Reconstruction of surgical clip in Aneurysm

·         Dr. Shejoy Joshua- Extended Endonasal Approach for Trigeminal Schwannoma

·         Dr. Girish Rajpal- Mentoring young neurosurgeons- Challenges involved

·         Dr Noufal Basheer- Endovascular Flow Diversion- Some rare indications

·         Dr Saquib Azad Siddiqi- Translabrynthine approachfor acoustic schwannoma

·         Dr Venkat- OLIF

·         Dr Ashish Tandon- Endoscopic Pure inter-laminar discectomy


4 pm to 5 pm

Meet the masters session- Moderator- Dr Sachin Borkar

Cases to be presented by Foreign and AIIMS Faculty. Panel – Prof. Fred Gentili, Prof. Ali Krisht, Prof. S.S.Kale, Prof. P.S.Chandra, Prof. Ashish Suri, Prof. Rajinder and Prof. Manmohan Singh


7.30 pm onwards

Dinner at Faculty Club – AIIMS

15th Feb





AVM excision in eloquent cortex area- Dr Gaurav Singh



Excising eloquent cortex gliomas- Dr Nivedita



Multiple Subpial incisions for epilepsy- Dr Raghu Samla



EVD insertion technique- Dr Divyajyoti



MVD for trigeminal neuralgia- Dr Sundarkrishna





8.30 to 8.40

Mini craniotomy for standard temporal lobectomy for hippocampal sclerosis- Dr Ramesh Doddamani


8.40 to 8.50

STA-MCA bypass technique- Dr Amol Raheja



Questions and Answers



Case discussions of OT cases



Talk by Dr Ali Krisht- Interesting case videos



Talk by Dr Fred Gentili- Interesting Case videos


10.00 to 1pm

Live Cases from OT


1pm to 1.30 pm

Valedictory function


1.30 to 2 pm






1pm to 5 pm

Microvascular anastomoses workshop will take place in Skills lab (Only for selected Delegates)